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Head Coach with extensive experience in international football.

I have worked for clubs in Brazil, Europe and Gulf Countries Communities, developing youth/professional players.

Strong leadership and excellent integration of multi-disciplinary staff.


European and South America background, a mix of european organization/planining with a play style of south american.

Build up a football, using a model of play with dominant ball possession, with a solid and disciplined defensive organization, always considering the club and/or country culture.


2018: Qualified First Team to Quarter Finals – President Cup

2018Qualified First Team Semi Final – Arabian Gulf Cup

2016Quarter Final US Open – Wining DC UNITED and Orlando City (MLS)

2015Champion South America Championship- (Brazilian National Team U17) – Qualified World Cup

2014Champion Nike Friendlies – Brazilian National Team

**Best Coach of Tournament** U17

2014Champion Liberator Bernardo O’Higgins- Chile (Brazilian National Team U17)

2014Runner-Up Mediterranean Cup -Barcelona (Brazilian National Team U17)

2014Champion Banyoles Tournament – Barcelona (Brazilian National Team U20)

2014Champion Panda Cup – China (Brazilian National Team U20)

2014Champion Toulon Tournament – France (Brazilian National Team U17)

2013Champion 2 of July Tournament Bahia – Brazil (Brazilian National Team U17)

2013Champion Valais Cup Youth Cup – Switzerland (Brazilian National Team U20)

2013Champion Toulon Tournament – France (Brazilian National Team U17)

2013Champion Villa del Salt – Barcelona (Brazilian National Team U17)

2011Champion UAE Cup – Youth

2010Runner Up – Arabian League – First Team

2008Champion Ramadan Tournament

2002Champion São Paulo Cup – S.E Palmeiras

2001Champion São Paulo State Championship – S.E Palmeiras

2000Champion Brazil/Japão Tournament – S.E Palmeiras